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Ayruveda is sanskrit, translated it means "knowledge of life." 


It is a holistic medical system that is more then 5,000 years old created in India.

"Ayurveda encompasses a variety of preventive and curative methods. The emphasis is on proper nutrition and dietetics, purification and drainage procedures, massages and manual treatments as well as yoga and meditation. The effectiveness of many of these methods has been scientifically proven by Western standards and was recognized as “traditional medicine" by The World Health Organization (WHO)  in 1976."

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Each of us has an individual combination of the three Doshas (life forces):

They are Vata, Pitts and Kapha.

The combination of your Doshas is essential for your health. When you know what constitution you have, you better understand why you are the way you are at times. You discover what nutrition is suitable for you and how you can stay healthy, fit, and happy with yoga, exercise, and meditation.

This Ayurveda type is extremely important in Ayurvedic medicine.

Interested in seeing what your predominant Dosha(s) are? 


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